1. Phil: Next we looked at what would happen if we dropped the...
    2. Lem: Bunny.
    3. Phil: ...bunny from an airplane at thirty thousand feet.
    4. Rose: You dropped a bunny from a plane?
    5. Phil: Of course not. Why would we do that?
    6. Ted: It's not a real bunny sweetheart. It's just a word we're using.
    7. Phil: At that altitude the bunny would...
    8. Lem: Cuddle.
    9. Phil: ...cuddle everyone within a two mile radius. Within four miles, people would be snuggled so badly they would have to be hospitalized with severe burns.
    10. Linda: And that's why bunnies make bad pets. The end.
    11. [I just commented on Twitter about how terrible it was that they codenamed some of the Maralinga nuclear tests "Kittens". @Shrydar sent me this. I laughed. I felt a little guilty, though. For more on the tests: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_nuclear_tests_at_Maralinga ]