1. Sometimes I write stuff for fun.

  2. Preparations

    Understand that we will break
    for a reason
    That every species contains its own overreaching
    and this was ours

    infection flowing swiftly between airports
    carried in briefcases on redeye flights
    and bursting out like buboes
    in all-night cities

    or the seas we made rise
    and poisoned
    so that even the krakens
    washed up to rot on the shores
    alongside our drowned dead

    or war, again, again,
    fields sown with salt
    or napalm

    We prepare
    stocking tinned food and water
    guns in locked safes
    bandages and betadine

    tell each other futures
    in which broken hordes
    come shambling on frayed feet
    asking ourselves who we could trust

    how we would kill
    if we had to
    who we would kill
    if we had to

    stoking safes and shelters
    medicine cabinets
    with the seeds of our overreaching
    the stories of our deaths

    Some rare children
    keep no stocks
    no cool, dark rooms
    no safes

    tell no stories
    in which we must, inevitably, unfortunately,
    swing the axe

    instead, they visit neighbours
    they learn names
    and histories

    make sure that everyone who is hungry
    is fed
    everyone who is lonely
    is found

    they sow seeds in the mortar
    of the world we have built
    and wait for the unfurling

  3. “there is a continue need for radical theory, which remains indispensible. In much academic work there has been too little engagement with the political theorizing, strategies, or tactics being produced and debated within contemporary movements and by activists and organizers” (Beyond Capitalism, p. xxvi)

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"each day we must give something to make sure that none of us are forced to give everything"


    "each day we must give something to make sure that none of us are forced to give everything"

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  5. bisexualfandom:

    it was really disappointing when i found out helen keller was a eugenicist, because, as a disabled woman, there was so much that i looked up to her for, one of them being her brilliant eloquence when discussing such vitally important issues such as women’s rights and laborer’s rights, as well as her part in helping found the ACLU, and her advocacy for socialism. 

    but, it doesn’t change the fact that she was a eugenicist, and the fact that she publicly supported the euthanasia of a disabled child.

    while her writings on the abolishment of horrific institutions like capitalism and poverty do seem invaluable, i think people need to take into consideration, before they post quotes of hers, or pictures of her [and so on], that there’s nothing more capitalistic and corrupt than systematically wiping out ”defectives” such as the poor, disabled people, people of color, sex workers, lgbtq people, &etc. by sterilizing them, forcibly institutionalizing them, and murdering them, because they did not ”contribute” to the maintaining of the ”right” kind of society. 

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They both care about their town so much


    They both care about their town so much

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    Néle Azevedo  (Brazilian, b. 1950, Santos Dumont, MG, Brazil) - Melting Ice Installations.  Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo carved 1,000 ‘Melting Men’ out of ice and placed them in Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt Square to bring awareness to Global Warming. As part of the Festival of Queens in northern Ireland, she created a similar installation to visually remind people of the melting ice caps in Greenland and Antartica. She has installed the ‘Melting Men’ or ‘Monumento Minimo’, in cities across the globe and is becoming known internationally for her climate change art

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  9. I woke up from a dream of the argument I didn’t want to have, which it seems was coming no matter what.

    I dreamt I asked you to tell me their names, before we would talk further. The boy with the bullet in his backpack, the boy whose father asks for peace. To tell me the colour of their eyes, to tell me what they did after school, what they wanted to be if they had grown up.

    I dreamt that I read to you from a book about the Blitz, pacing, anxious, trying not to trip over the words so that I could convey the experience of living under constant bombing through a lens that you could relate to.

    I dreamt that you argued with me about the necessity of safety, the costs of it, and in my dream I asked how it could come to this weighing-up of deaths of theirs and yours, knowing the results of that calculus in the past.

    In my dream you were unconvinced and I sat on the ground, my hands resting on my thighs, palms up, and said I would cry for the deaths you mourn but also for the others, and I knew I would sit for years and turn to stone still crying and not cry out enough tears.

    I woke up in bed with my face wet. Lying still in the dark, knowing I only exist because parents grandparents great-grandparents ran from war or merely poverty. Next to this man who, also, only exists because of generations who ran from war or poverty.

    There are some arguments, it seems, I carry within me, some questions I can’t stop asking, even in my sleep.

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    Tech experts hope the open structure of the internet will prevail in the coming decade. But they also fear threats to the internet’s connectivity will arise from efforts by nations to restrict content, increased surveillance, and commercialization of too much online activity.

    We’ve got a NEW REPORT from our expert series out today, and we’ll be spending the day talking all things future of the internet, the Web at 25, and the threats that face the Net in the coming decade. Follow along here and on Twitter with #web25.